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A little UPDATE

We’re getting settled in and finding our way in Lawrenceville. The church folks welcomed us with open arms on Sunday and had a very nice reception for us that night. The people here are great and we look forward to serving with them.

Blake started school yesterday at Grayson Elementary and seemed to really enjoy it. We met his teacher and toured the school. Evie and I are both excited to have in in such a good school. Today was Anna Brooke’s first day in preschool at GUMC Preschool. Someone told Evie earlier today that it was nothing short of a a small miracle that we got her in there. She said, “They NEVER have openings!”

Since we arrived we’ve been very busy and really hit the ground running. In the midst of moving I had a NCLA meeting all day on Monday but was back in time for my first elders meeting that night. Today was my first FULL day in the office. I’ve got a lot done and look forward to meeting all the Wed PM Seekerville (Children’s Ministry) staff tonight and spending some time with the RESCU (Student Ministry) team as well.

Finally, we are going to go down to Tallahassee on Friday to get the rest of our stuff. We think we’ve worked out a short term storage solution. I say short term because… WE FOUND A HOUSE!! We made an offer on it a couple of weeks back but didn’t hear anything until Sunday afternoon. If the inspection goes well, we hope to move into it in the next few weeks. Pray that all of the details come together.

For those of you who are interested… this is our little update. We’ll keep you posted.


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Evie and I have accepted a new ministry assignment at Lawrenceville Church of God (LCOG) in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I will serve as the Family Ministries Pastor and provide leadership to the Nursery, Children, and Youth ministries. We’re extremely excited to join the wonderful staff at LCOG and serve alongside them. Additionally, we’re thrilled for the opportunity to minister with family. Kevin Harris, my brother, is the senior pastor at LCOG. We’re grateful to him and the elders who’ve graciously invited us to be a part of their team.

Leaving GenesisChurch.tv was not an easy decision. We made it after weeks of prayer, fasting, and seeking of wise counsel. When we arrived in Tallahassee a year and a half ago, all the people of Genesis were quick to open their hearts and homes to my family, and for that I’m tremendously thankful. We’ve learned so much from Pastor Brian and the rest of the staff and we’re certainly leaving the richer for it.

On this journey of faith there will be many new challenges, lessons, and victories ahead of us. As they happen, I will continue to share them here. Immediately though, we’re focsued on getting our family moved. So if you know us, and you pray, we’d appreciate your prayers this week. We’ve got a LOT to do and need many logistical things to come together to ensure a smooth move for our family. Today we’re packing up. And on Wednesday (just like in this classic song), we’ll be taking the train to Georgia… WHOO WHOOOOO!

Well figuratively at least. 🙂

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prodigalgodTim Keller is the Senior Pastor of Redeemer Church in Manhattan. He’s an intellectual, and a really good one. What I mean is he’s really smart! Like YODA smart! But more importantly, he’s a pastor. Coupled with his awesome brain-power is an equally inspiring compassion for people. Truly a rare combo.

In his recent book, The Prodigal God, Keller deconstructs legalism and the pitfalls of dutiful religion. In his introduction, Keller explains that he wrote the book for faith seekers, as well as Christian faith insiders who may benefit from a fresh approach to the gospel. If you are either, which means everyone, you’ll benefit from this book.

Keller opens by explaining that the word ‘prodigal’ has been misrepresented and its true definition is not ‘wayward’ but instead means ‘recklessly extravagant’ or ‘having spent everything’. He goes on to explain the good news of the gospel message in a fresh way and how God has recklessly spent everything on us. I highly recommend it!

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11 years ago today…


… is when it all started! And it just keeps gettin’ better!

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New Year’s Fireworks


Yes… this is me pointing at the little fireworks display gone bad at my brother’s house on New Year’s Eve. It was an exciting display, just in a way we had not planned. The picture looks worse than it actually was though. The fire was gone in like under a minute… but it was an exciting minute! (There are a few more pics on my facebook profile thanks to my sister. She’s always got her phone with her and never misses a photo-op!)

Happy New Year everyone!

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