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Cousins on Memorial Day

Each of these kids are crazy awesome on their own. When you put them together: you’ve got an explosive combination. We all (my sister’s family and mine) have had a blast for the past few days watching them play together. Crazy awesome kids!!

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My New Buddy!

I know the world is waiting with baited breath… well the wait is over!! I made my decision and yesterday I picked up my new scooter. I went with the Buddy 125 in the Burnt Orange. Tony, my brother-in-law, went with me to pick it up. Being a History Channel buff, he had to document the whole thing. So if you’re interested you can check out the video he made here. In the meantime I’ll be enjoying my 85 miles per gallon! SWEET!

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Staff retreat was good… no really good! (lol… sorry… inside joke) Seriously, we got A TON done! The teaching calendar for the coming year is in the can, and everyone is really excited about it! When we finalized the list, we all stood back in a bit of awe. It was obvious to all that our prayers were answered and God’s leading had been involved in the creativity and planning. I’m so blessed to be a part of this team!

It was also great to come home to my family. Not only was I greeted by my AWESOME wife and kids, but my sister Amy and her family are here as well. It’s going to be great hanging out with them for this long weekend. Our kids absolutely LOVE being together.

One more thing… a scooter update is coming! Stay tuned!

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Staff Retreat

Tomorrow I’m heading to staff retreat with some of the most awesome church staff members on the planet. We’ve got some very important agenda items to deal with… one of which is to walk away with a teaching calendar for the coming year. These folks will get it done, but they will also have fun doing it! There will be some hard work, but I’m certain there will be some hard laughs as well. (However, there will NOT be any hard drinks… we’re not that kind of church staff! lol) I’m grateful to be on this creative, hilarious, hard-working, passionate team. It is a privilege to serve God and others with each of them! And while I’ll miss my family greatly, I’m looking forward to the next few days with the GenesisChurch.tv team!

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‘Speed Racer’ Review

Blake and I went to see the movie ‘Speed Racer’ yesterday. Visually, the movie was incredible. The vibrant colors and computer generated images were amazing. As far as characters go, the youngest Racer brother (Spritle) and his pet monkey stole the show. My favorite aspect was watching Blake squirm every time Speed and Trixie almost kissed. Funny stuff!

Overall, however, the movie was a disappointment. The family ‘theme’ of the movie was diminished by the fact that family members lied to each other and that seemed ok to everyone. Nearly every main character used unnecessary profanity at pivotal points in the plot. The biggest disappointment was when the before mentioned little brother flipped someone off.

Following the movie, I had to explain to Blake why raising your middle finger is inappropriate behavior. It was a conversation I expected to have with my son at some point, but not after watching a PG-rated movie. Thanks Speed Racer!

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I appreciate ALL the comments, emails, and phone calls (Kevin you’re CRAZY!) concerning my scooter search. Now for the update: we braved the monsoon yesterday morning and ended up with a full day. We visited three dealerships and ruled out getting the couple of used scooters we heard about because of some suspect ‘engine problems’. After this, I went to the DMV to get my motorcycle driving permit so I could do some test driving. At this point, I was still trying to decide between the 50cc and 125cc. The test drive helped make that decision… definitely the 125cc even though the 50cc price was more attractive. I’ve now narrowed it down to 2 models with their differences noted:

Kymco Agility 125

slightly slower top-speed, limited 2 year warranty, econo-line (no frills)

Buddy 125

a bit faster (60 mph top speed), full 2 year warranty, chrome & SWEET retro look

So what do you think? The difference in price for me comes out to about $700. The Buddy 125 is out of stock (the one on the lot was already sold), but they’re getting some more in next week. I’ll have to make a decision a week from today. Give me your thoughts? Anybody out there already own one of these? I would love to hear from you.

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I’m Going MAN Shopping!

My friend Jason and I are going shopping today. We’re not going to the mall to check out the latest fashions at Hollister or Buckle. I’m certain we’ll not make it to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick out some new summer linens either. We’re not even heading to Wal-Mart to see what prices they’ve lowered today, because they lower them EVERY day. Nope… we’re on a mission. A MAN mission. A mission to find me a scooter!

What’s that you say? A scooter isn’t manly? Well, my friend Jason is a motorcycle driving, personal trainer muscle man, and he knows his way around the local motor sports stores. So shopping for a scooter with him at least makes it seem a bit more manly. Now I admit, I’m not picking up a Harley, but this could be a step to that. And as Bob Wiley and Dr. Leo Marvin taught me, you’ve got to take things in ‘baby steps’. So this is a baby… manly step! 😉

Here’s the deal, I’m living in warm, sunny Florida with a 3.8 mile commute everyday. It would be a lot more fun to do it on a scooter than in a compact car. Did you say rain? Well, I’m also bringing down the ol’ bug (a ’67 VW Beetle my grandfather gave me) that I’ll be able to drive on rainy days or when I need to bounce the kids around. And finally, with a bit more seriousness, this would be an effort to pursue a more simplistic life.

I’ll keep you posted, but quite possibly by the end of the day today, I’ll be a scooter driving MAN! I’ll probably go to iTunes and download some Steppenwolf for my new drive-time soundtrack! I’ll then be able to listen to Born to Be Wild on my 80 GIG iPod. (Saying ’80 GIG’ has a manly feel to it… doesn’t it?) 😉

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