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Twitter… finally!

OK… so once again it is obvious that I’m NOT an early adopter. Many family and friends have been telling me about twitter and encouraging me to start an account. Well, I finally did it… long after the buzz has worn off… and if you’re interested you can follow me here.

If you’re kinda like me, and still wondering what Twitter is, it is a way to keep people informed of what you’re doing with short posts of 140 characters or less. (Seriously though, not sure why any of you would care to know that I just finished eating pancakes with the family.) But I must admit, I like that I am able to link it to my facebook and this blog (you can see my 5 most recent updates in the lower part of the right column on this page).

I guess it’s just one more way to keep you in touch with my journey of life, faith, family and ministry.


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Pandora Radio

I love to have music playing while I’m at work. Sometimes I’m in a chill mood, sometimes I just want some good worship, and other times I’m in a bit more of an aggressive mood (ain’t nothing like some good AC/DC or ZZ Top on these days). The problem is that even though I have well over 4,000 songs in my iTunes library, it is very easy to get into a listening rut.

Well thanks to my friend Kyle, I’ve found a solution to this problem: Pandora Radio. You can go here and type in the artists you like and they create a radio station based on your interests. As songs play you can go and tell them the ones you like and/or dislike. I’ve even discovered a few new artists through this free service.

I’ve already set up three radio stations depending on my mood and I’m loving it! Thanks Kyle!

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Happy Birthday!

My little princess is 4 today. I asked her earlier, “Anna Brooke, how did you get so cute?”

“Cause tat’s how God made me!” was her reply.

Too cute for words!

Seriously though, I’m thankful that her heart is turned toward God at such an early age. She really is an amazing kid.

New aspects of her personality are showing up every day. She may be the singer of the family but she also may be the comedian (watch out Danielle).

Whatever she grows up to be it will be because of the wonderful giftings God has placed in her life. Along the way though, I plan on enjoying every step of the journey as her dad!

So Happy Birthday Princess Ballerina Barbie Fancy Nancy! (This is the name she’s given herself.) Hope you have a great one! I’m looking forward to dinner at IHOP!

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I blogged earlier about Phil Wickham and shared his amazing cover of Hallelujah! Well now Phil’s gone and done something even more brilliant. He recorded a live album back in May and recently made the album available online for a free download. Yes… that’s right a FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

On top of that… it is a great album! It includes a few of Phil’s original works, but also some great songs I grew up on. Songs like ‘Nothing But the Blood’, ‘I Have Decided To Follow Jesus’, and ‘It Is Well With My Soul’.

I need to interject here that I love some of the artists of recent years and their poetic, lyrical approach to their faith, but there is something beautiful and simple (and maybe even nostalgic for me) about some of these older songs. The straightforward lyrics speak to me in a profound way. Phil is straight-up singing about Jesus! And I love it!

So go download it today! To get the process started simply click here.

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The Wifesong


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So today while we were riding through town listening to our summer mix, Bruce Springsteen’s classic “Glory Days” came on. “The Boss” put on one of the best live shows I’ve every seen, and “Glory Days” is one of my favorite songs. Evie loves it because in the video Bruce mentions Graig Nettles, one of her all-time favorite Yankees, by name at the end of the video.

Today, as this song played in our car Blake asked, “Who is this?”

I replied, “This is Bruce Springsteen! Some people call him ‘The Boss’.”

“Cool,” Blake said.

“Do you like him,” I asked.

“Yes!” Blake energetically came back. “He kinda sounds like Hannah Montana!”

To which all I could do was laugh! A LOT!!

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Summer is Leaving!

This is the final weekend of summer… at least for our family! Blake starts school on Monday so we’re trying to cram as much family fun as we can into these last two days. We started the morning off with breakfast at Jenny’s Lunchbox. Now we’re headed to the mall to go shopping for school shoes (and while I’m not going back to school, I see another pair of Chucks in my future).

Later we’ll meet Blake’s new school teacher for this year and then we’re off to the pool. Tonight we’re headed over to some friends house for some food, fun, and friendly competition! (You’re all going down! You know who you are!) Then tomorrow I’m taking Blake to see Clone Wars and probably one more stop at the pool!

Yes… summer is leaving, but we’re going to lap it up while we can. Maybe we’ll listen to some Don Henley as we drive through town, and for the next two days at least, we won’t let the sun go down alone.

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