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Evie and I have accepted a new ministry assignment at Lawrenceville Church of God (LCOG) in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I will serve as the Family Ministries Pastor and provide leadership to the Nursery, Children, and Youth ministries. We’re extremely excited to join the wonderful staff at LCOG and serve alongside them. Additionally, we’re thrilled for the opportunity to minister with family. Kevin Harris, my brother, is the senior pastor at LCOG. We’re grateful to him and the elders who’ve graciously invited us to be a part of their team.

Leaving GenesisChurch.tv was not an easy decision. We made it after weeks of prayer, fasting, and seeking of wise counsel. When we arrived in Tallahassee a year and a half ago, all the people of Genesis were quick to open their hearts and homes to my family, and for that I’m tremendously thankful. We’ve learned so much from Pastor Brian and the rest of the staff and we’re certainly leaving the richer for it.

On this journey of faith there will be many new challenges, lessons, and victories ahead of us. As they happen, I will continue to share them here. Immediately though, we’re focsued on getting our family moved. So if you know us, and you pray, we’d appreciate your prayers this week. We’ve got a LOT to do and need many logistical things to come together to ensure a smooth move for our family. Today we’re packing up. And on Wednesday (just like in this classic song), we’ll be taking the train to Georgia… WHOO WHOOOOO!

Well figuratively at least. 🙂


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carnivalFamilies have a little bit of everything just like a Carnival, some fun, some weird, some challenging.  It is such an all encompassing part of our lives, we need God to help us understand how to live in a family or raise one. This is a series for everyone at every stage of life, and we promise it will change how you see yourself and your family forever. This is also a ONE IDEA series which means our adults, youth, and children will all be finding the family fun together! So invite someone or bring them with you to WEEK 1 of Carnival!

Sundays @ Tallahassee Little Theater @ 929 and 1101
Parking at Miracle Plaza
For directions click here

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RESERVATIONS…you need them for your favorite restaurants, nice hotels, or even renting a car for a road trip. You need a reservation for just about anything important.

There is nothing more important than where you will spend eternity. And the truth is, you need a reservation for that too! In this new series at GenesisChurch.TV, we will take a look at the afterlife menu as we discuss the realities of both heaven and hell. Come this Sunday @ 9.29 or 11.01. Click here for directions.

We’ll be holding your reservation…

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In the coming weeks our church will be participating with hundreds of other churches as we focus on the importance of prayer. We also have a blog that will serve as a place to share prayers and requests as we go through this journey together. During this same time, GenesisKIDS will be joining with thousands of kids across the nation as we focus on learning the practice of prayer. For those of you that know me, you know I get geeked about this kind of stuff. An interdenominational, cross-generational effort of fellow Christians joining together for a worthy cause. Sign me up!

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Staff retreat was good… no really good! (lol… sorry… inside joke) Seriously, we got A TON done! The teaching calendar for the coming year is in the can, and everyone is really excited about it! When we finalized the list, we all stood back in a bit of awe. It was obvious to all that our prayers were answered and God’s leading had been involved in the creativity and planning. I’m so blessed to be a part of this team!

It was also great to come home to my family. Not only was I greeted by my AWESOME wife and kids, but my sister Amy and her family are here as well. It’s going to be great hanging out with them for this long weekend. Our kids absolutely LOVE being together.

One more thing… a scooter update is coming! Stay tuned!

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Staff Retreat

Tomorrow I’m heading to staff retreat with some of the most awesome church staff members on the planet. We’ve got some very important agenda items to deal with… one of which is to walk away with a teaching calendar for the coming year. These folks will get it done, but they will also have fun doing it! There will be some hard work, but I’m certain there will be some hard laughs as well. (However, there will NOT be any hard drinks… we’re not that kind of church staff! lol) I’m grateful to be on this creative, hilarious, hard-working, passionate team. It is a privilege to serve God and others with each of them! And while I’ll miss my family greatly, I’m looking forward to the next few days with the GenesisChurch.tv team!

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Legacy (Part 3)

This weekend at GenesisChurch.tv we closed out the Legacy series. During this three week series I shared about three women from the lineage of Jesus who left an amazing legacy of love and grace even in the midst of unimaginable sin, terrible tragedy, and courageous obedience.

In this past Sunday’s message, we looked to the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I’ve heard motherhood explained as a painful privilege. Mary certainly experienced the painful privilege of motherhood and probably on a level like no other mother has. Get this, she was the only person to be at Christ’s birth and death. Through her life, and other scriptures, we noted some simple things that we, as parents, can do with our kids to help leave a godly legacy in their lives.

Another cool thing about this past Sunday was that our elementary kids opened up the worship experiences by sining two songs! They did an AWESOME job! I could barely contain myself as I watched them from the back of the room! I was SO proud of you guys!

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