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In my assignment at Lawrenceville Church of God, we’re taking a new approach (for us) to children and youth ministry. In the past, we’ve had a children’s pastor and youth pastor, and recently I’ve come on staff as the Family Ministries Pastor. In this new role I’m providing leadership for nursery, children, and youth ministries. During this transition I’m certain there will be challenges, but in my opinion this model provides many more benefits. Some of which are:

  • Strengthens partnership with families by providing comprehensive ministry with the entire family in mind.
  • Fortifies staff relationships and helps eliminate ‘independent contractor’ mentality.
  • Provides strategic alignment in philosophy of ministry and programing.
  • Allows development of a scope and sequence for ministry from birth to college.
  • Assists in creating a smooth transition from one ministry to the next for children and students.
  • Eliminates scheduling conflicts by operating off of one calendar.
  • Offers more opportunities for volunteers to find their sweet spot in the broader model.
  • Streamlines the volunteer process by having one application and process for all family ministry volunteers to go through.

I’m sure they’re are other benefits and would love to hear from my ministry pals out there as to what they are. I’d also like to hear some of the challenges we might face while transitioning to the family ministry model. Holler!


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