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Just Get in the Car

TransformersI went to see the movie Transformers (at the $1 theatre…love it) and I REALLY liked it! The action sequences were amazing and there was surprisingly good acting. (John Turturro owned me as the Sector 7 Agent! Hilarious!) The movie had some great lines as well. One of my favorites was a bit cheesy, but I still love it: “In fifty years, don’t you want to be able to say you had the courage to get in the car?”

It was a line that kinda’ hit home. Earlier this year there was a new challenge placed before me and my family that we believe was truly God’s leading. However, deciding to accept the challenge would mean leaving a place that over the past 8 years had become home. We were surrounded by people who loved us and it was an incredible place to serve. But after much prayer and seeking of wise counsel, I decided to lead my family into a new chapter of our lives.

This cheesy line from this fantasy movie was a reminder why we did it. A reminder to be willing to take the step of faith even in the midst of uncertainty. A reminder to seek God’s Face and follow His leading… no matter what. As years are added to my life, I still yearn to be like that kid in the movie. And fifty years from now, when I look back on my life, I want to be able to say, “I’m glad I was willing to get in the car!”

So far it’s been a crazy ride, but I’m lovin’ it!


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My Kids are Stinking Cute

Anna BrookeI know they’re mine, but somehow my kids turned out so stinking cute. (For those of you who know my wife Evie, this is NO mystery.) Sometimes they say cute things, too. Check out this morning’s dialog between my 3 year old and her mother:

Anna Brooke: “What cu eatin mommy?”

Evie: “A Special K breakfast bar.”

Anna Brooke: “I don’t wike Special K bars.”(fyi – she’s never had one)

Evie: “Really?”

Anna Brooke: “I just wike Oh-K bars.”

I don’t know what an ‘OK Bar’ is, but I can say with confidence that she’s never had one. She sure is cute though!

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Sushi… are you kidding?

sushi.jpgI tried something new recently… sushi! A member of our church wanted to take me, and I saw this as a chance for a little adventure. At best, I’m a novice when it comes to sushi. I must admit…I was somewhat reluctant to take some of the things that were on my plate and put them into my mouth. However, once I did, I enjoyed it! The Japanese Bagel was banging! Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese!

At some level, we all have an adversity to change, especially BIG change. Big change is painful. But, big change is also unavoidable. One way to help us overcome this adversity to change is by introducing it into our personal lives in small doses. Try ordering a new item at a favorite restaurant… or better yet, try a new restaurant. Listen to a different style of music for a day. Read a new magazine. Change the furniture in your home or office. Small changes like this will stretch you a little, and help prepare you for the BIG change that is inevitable.

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Francis Chan is a pastor in Simi Valley, California. He is brining the Word to his church and Christians around the world in a unique way and with a fresh voice. Recently, he led his church to forgo building a multi-million dollar worship center and instead to start plans to build an amphitheater. The outdoor facility will be completed for a fraction of the price and the money they save will help fund ministries that feed hungry children around the world. What a vision!

His sermons are transparent and deeply challenging. He has challenged me in many ways. You can watch one of his sermons by clicking here. He challenges his church to a renewed passion for God while living in a lukewarm society.

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oc04.jpgOur church recently hosted an Operation Compassion event. WOW! It was a win on so many levels. Over 420 families received care packages overflowing with food, household items, and children’s materials. 143 folks from our church assembled the packages earlier in the day and hosted family friendly activities for those in attendance. Not sure who was blessed more, the folks who received, or those of us who gave. The people of our church got to walk out their faith together and extend the love and grace of God in tangible ways. It is a day we’ll not soon forget!
If you’re interested in doing something like this at your church you can get more information by going to www.operationcompassion.org.

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