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Chris Allen was the best on American Idol tonight. He covered Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.” (Which was also covered by Garth Brooks, Billy Joel and many others, yet the judges kept giving Garth credit for the song.) It reminded me of my new favorite cover of this great song though. I give you Adele:

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11 years ago today…


… is when it all started! And it just keeps gettin’ better!

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20000Well last week my little blog got its 20,000th hit. While I’m certain there are many other blogs that get that many hits in a day (and this guy may even get that many hits in an hour), it took me a little over a year to reach this milestone.

When I started this thing a little over a year ago, I was really looking for a way to update the many friends and family God has blessed us with in so many different places. I think we’ve accomplished that! Many of our friends and family continually drop in to check up on us, and this has been a perfect avenue to reach them all at once. I’m sincerely thankful for each of you!

What I didn’t anticipate was how many new friends I would make through my little blog. People I’ve never met have dropped in for comments and some I’ve actually developed ‘online relationships’ with. (As dirty as that sounds, there is absolutely nothing immoral about that statement! lol) For these new relationships I’m extremely grateful.

Moving forward I have no idea where our little blog might take us, or for how long we’ll do it, but I’m excited about the possibilities. In NO way do I claim to have figured this thing out, but I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing my life with my few faithful readers (and you know who you are). So thank YOU! Thank you for dropping in on our lives and contributing to the conversation!

In a short while I’ll have another story to tell you. The funny thing is that if I were 8 years old again, it would probably start with, “One time on Sesame Street…”

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This list is a bit more random than my earlier one. But here we go…

  • Listening to my iPod while driving my Scooter
  • Finding stroopwaffles at Fresh Market
  • Anna Brooke’s haircut
  • Frozen White Fudge Oreos (mmmmm!)
  • Mark Driscoll’s preaching (Dang… he’s smart!)
  • Keeping up with friends on Twitter
  • Planet Earth on BluRay (Those Birds of Paradise are AMAZING!)
  • GC.TV’s Parenting Class
  • Blake’s progress report from school (he’s kinda’ like Mark Driscoll)
  • Cherry Coke Zero (needed compensation because of too many before mentioned Oreos)
  • My new black Fulmer helmet (keeps my face warm)
  • The fact that Mark Driscoll follows ME on Twitter (along with 3,425 other people… lol)
  • Pitaria (thanks Kyle)
  • Playing PIT! with new friends and a kickin’ 80’s Soundtrack
  • Evie sending me flirtatious flair on facebook (the girl can’t contain herself)
  • Canopy Road Cafe Pancakes (will be there tomorrow morning)
  • Madden All Play for Wii
  • My Wanna Bees are 10-1 (YEAH-BABY)
  • Greenberg Turkey (Thanks Tony! can’t wait)
  • Preparing to speak on Parenting this Sunday! (So HUMBLING but SO excited to do it)

What are some of your recent favorite things? Let me hear from you!

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I Just Wanna’ Laugh!

office_walking_ew-769873My favorite TV show seems to have an identity crisis. It seems the writers of “The Office” want to make the show into some kind of drama.

Last night’s episode had numerous examples of awkward moments for me. The pinnacle of which was Pam sobbing on a bench due to the inner turmoil from her decision to be in NYC.

What’s next? An alcoholic intervention for Meredith? Maybe the writers of LOST could come in and write some war-time flashbacks for Creed? (Wait… that could actually be a funny parody.)

I know things have to be mixed up a bit, but I’m just asking to keep more of the classic stuff around. Put Michael in front of a crowd making a fool of himself. Give me more of Dwight and Jim’s shenanigans. I miss Stanley’s one liners. When I watch “The Office”, I just wanna’ laugh!

Am I the only one who feels this way? Do you desire an emotional attachment to the characters? Let me hear from you!

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Standing in History

I’ve often thought about various historic moments in our nation’s history and wondered where I would have stood.

For instance, if I would have lived during the moment, would I have had the clarity to support the Declaration of Independence? Would I have understood the significance of the Emancipation Proclamation and applauded Abraham Lincoln when he signed it? Would I have had the courage to champion women in their fight for their right to vote? Would I have stood with Martin Luther King and believed in his audacious, awe-inspiring dream?

Today I find myself living in such a moment, but with mixed emotions.

I vehemently differ with Barak Obama on some pivotal issues. I can not understate that I find it impossible to support some of his ideals.

That being said, it is difficult to overstate the historic nature of this moment. In a few short months we will have our first African American President. A man who came from meager beginnings, worked hard, got a solid education, and has now been elected to the highest office in our land.

Today I stand in history. As I stand, I celebrate that Obama’s victory represents an abandonment of errors and sin from our nation’s past. Today I’m thankful to live in this great country where these kind of things can happen!

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Ok, so I’m not the boy I used to be (see earlier post)… but according to Wii Fit, I’m even older than I thought!

Wii Fit is a fitness ‘game’ for the Wii. Evie has been wanting it for months and we have not been able to find one in local stores. This week though, we finally located one (through a very good friend… thanks Patti) and Evie got her birthday present early (like a little over a month early…lol) when we hooked it up last night.

On the Wii website, it makes the claim to provide ‘fun and fitness in one product.’ I guess that’s true? Blake and Anna Brooke had fun playing the ‘hula-hoop’ games, and I sincerly enjoyed watching them. They were HILARIOUAS!! And I’m sure we’re all a little more fit this morning after our workouts.

But what was NOT fun, at least for me, was when that little white box that sits on the floor and thinks he knows it all told me my Wii Fit age. Let me explain: when you set up your profile, the Wii Fit assesses your height, weight, and balancing skills to give you your ‘fitness age.’ Mine is 45!! 45!! That’s older than my brother! That’s no fun!?! 🙂

But the best birthday present Evie got was not the actual game, but her assessed age! According to Wii Fit, I’m married to a 29 year old! I already knew she was HOT, but according to Wii Fit, she’s hot AND 16 years younger than me!

So Happy Birthday Evie! Everyone who knows us knows you’re the best… including me. And now, including Wii Fit! 🙂

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