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My Kids are Punny!

On of my favorite things to hear Anna Brooke say, while she laughs, is, “That’s PUNNY Daddy!” Well, this week is Blake’s Spring Break and they both are in Birmingham for a few days. Not sure if I’m just missing them, or answering my sister’s request, but here are some photos of them doing one of their favorite things… Photo Booth!


magic fingers


crazy faces!


Funny Girl!

BROWN BEAR (our other kid… and yes he is a twin)

Brown Bear… our other kid


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My Final Four!

Final Four ‘08 I love March Madness. I know love is a strong word, but it really may be appropriate here. Seriously! There is no other sporting event like it. The purity of the college game… the buzzer beaters… the early upsets… Dicky V’s over the top voice… and oh yes… the brackets baby. THE BRACKETS!

I’ve been filling out online brackets for a few years. It’s a free and fun way to make the games more interesting, and just another reason for talking a little smack with your friends. We put a group together for the volunteers of GenesisChurch.tv this year, and right now I’m winning our group! And if my Heels from North Carolina take care of their business, I’ll be walking away with the grand prize.

Here’s the funny thing… while I may be number one in our group, I’m in the top 82% nationwide. This puts me in 543,132nd place! It’s amazing that I could be bragging about that! But hey… you gotta celebrate your victories!

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The past two days, I was in Greenville, South Carolina, with the NCLA Leadership team. We had our final planning meeting before the FOCUS Children’s Ministry conference next month. This team has some great guys on it and it is an honor to serve with them! Everyone drove away with lengthy assignments and we hope to continue the expected excellence associated with the FOCUS conference. FOCUS is a place where I see old friends and always make new ones. I receive encouragement, ideas and inspiration, and I walk away challenged to do things better than I did the year before. Can’t wait to get there!

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Servant of the Gospel

In many of my recent readings and some of my favorite podcasts, the importance and centrality of the gospel has been a running theme. Then, yesterday morning during my Bible reading, Paul describes the good news of the gospel in Colossians 1:15-23. When I came to the end of this passage, it stopped me in my tracks.

This is the gospel you heard… and of which I,

Paul, have become a servant. – Colossians 1:23b

Paul calls himself a servant. Not a servant of God, not a servant of Jesus, but a servant of the gospel ! WOW! I was floored. Literally. I was face down praying and hoping to live, love, and speak in such a way as to be worthy of that title… A Servant of the Gospel!

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Tired but Thankful!

At GenesisKIDS we had an AWESOME weekend! After all the hard work and long hours, I’m tired… but it’s a GOOD tired! I’m also very thankful. Thankful to all the folks who helped make this past weekend happen: Lynne, Georgia, Amber, Kelly, Bec, Sam, Ashley, Shaun, Darlene, Erik, Evie, Blake, Anna Brooke, Sylvette, Tiffany, Wendy, Mike, Matt, Yaacov, Jerry, Sylvia, Steve Y, Natalie, Nate, Jennifer, Jeana, Amy, Rachel, Paul, Micah, Cori, Steve M, Ty, Lou, Beth, Maria, Kristen, Abdiel, Dawn, Gavin, Marty, Walter, Caleb, and Samantha. Each one of you played a part in making this weekend come together. Thanks!

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The Passion (via Coldplay)

My friend Travis posted this video today. I’m a fan of Coldplay… but I’m a follower of Christ (HUGE difference!). I don’t possess the vocabulary or creativity to express what His sacrificial love means to me. As I said before though, it’s very personal.

I look forward to celebrating His resurrection with my church family tomorrow!

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The cross symbolizes so much for so many. However, it is more than just a symbol of religion. It’s more than just a symbol of sacrificial love for all. For Christ followers on our journey of faith… the cross is personal.

Tim Keller, a pastor in my beloved NYC, spoke to this personal attachment to Jesus and the cross in his recent book, The Reason for God.

“…When I realized I was actually inside Jesus’s story (and He inside mine) it changed me. The fear and pride that captured my heart was finally dislodged. The fact that Jesus had to die for me humbled my pride. The fact that Jesus was glad to die for me assured me out of my fear.”

Reflect on the cross today. Not just the cross for all people, but the cross that is especially for you!

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