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The Final Pilgrimage

It’s that time again. We’re packing up the kids and heading to NYC! We love going back to Evie’s home and seeing family and friends.

Almost as important though, we’ll be heading to the Bronx to see ‘the house that Ruth built’ one last time. In many ways Yankee Stadium is sacred for Evie. We had our first real date there! We went to the deciding game of the ’96 World Series and saw Wade Boggs act like a Little Leaguer! We saw the first regular season game between the Yankees and the other NYC baseball team (that’s the Mets in case you’re wondering). And yes, we were engaged there! On the BIG SCREEN and all! (Oh the things we do for our wives.)

Recently, Evie decided to surprise me for ‘my birthday’. 🙂 We saw the Yankees and Red Sox play. What a treat for me! 😉

So, this is our final trip to Evie’s Mecca. And this time, for the first time, Blake will join us. I certainly hope they win. If not, the rest of our trip is shot!!


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