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Chris Allen was the best on American Idol tonight. He covered Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.” (Which was also covered by Garth Brooks, Billy Joel and many others, yet the judges kept giving Garth credit for the song.) It reminded me of my new favorite cover of this great song though. I give you Adele:


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I Just Wanna’ Laugh!

office_walking_ew-769873My favorite TV show seems to have an identity crisis. It seems the writers of “The Office” want to make the show into some kind of drama.

Last night’s episode had numerous examples of awkward moments for me. The pinnacle of which was Pam sobbing on a bench due to the inner turmoil from her decision to be in NYC.

What’s next? An alcoholic intervention for Meredith? Maybe the writers of LOST could come in and write some war-time flashbacks for Creed? (Wait… that could actually be a funny parody.)

I know things have to be mixed up a bit, but I’m just asking to keep more of the classic stuff around. Put Michael in front of a crowd making a fool of himself. Give me more of Dwight and Jim’s shenanigans. I miss Stanley’s one liners. When I watch “The Office”, I just wanna’ laugh!

Am I the only one who feels this way? Do you desire an emotional attachment to the characters? Let me hear from you!

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They’re back… again…

and we’re so happy… again. This is the ONLY sitcom we watch at our house and overall we thoroughly enjoy it. However, we hope they return to Season 2 form, which in my opinion is one of the greatest seasons for sitcoms ever. Favorite episodes include:

  • The Christmas Party (“She loves me an OVEN MIT’S worth!”)
  • The Injury (“I like to wake up to the smell of bacon! IS THAT SO WRONG!?!”)
  • The Fire (“I’d take a Harry Potter book AND BURN IT!!)

But tonight isn’t about the past, it’s about the future! Looking forward to laughing hard tonight and enjoying the rest of the season! Hopefully! 😉

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They’re back…

… and we’re so happy!

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