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carnivalFamilies have a little bit of everything just like a Carnival, some fun, some weird, some challenging.  It is such an all encompassing part of our lives, we need God to help us understand how to live in a family or raise one. This is a series for everyone at every stage of life, and we promise it will change how you see yourself and your family forever. This is also a ONE IDEA series which means our adults, youth, and children will all be finding the family fun together! So invite someone or bring them with you to WEEK 1 of Carnival!

Sundays @ Tallahassee Little Theater @ 929 and 1101
Parking at Miracle Plaza
For directions click here

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RESERVATIONS…you need them for your favorite restaurants, nice hotels, or even renting a car for a road trip. You need a reservation for just about anything important.

There is nothing more important than where you will spend eternity. And the truth is, you need a reservation for that too! In this new series at GenesisChurch.TV, we will take a look at the afterlife menu as we discuss the realities of both heaven and hell. Come this Sunday @ 9.29 or 11.01. Click here for directions.

We’ll be holding your reservation…

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Evie and I went up to retrieve our kids on Thursday! While we missed them greatly, a little mommy & daddy time is always welcomed. 🙂

While in Alabama, we jam packed our time visiting family and friends. Upon arrival on Thursday, we headed over to Talladega and spent the afternoon with Mama Osborne (my grandmother). It’s always good to see her. After spending the night at Kakki and Barry’s, we went to Sayre early Friday morning to pick up my ’67 VW Bug. We drove it back to B’Ham, but it wasn’t quite ready for the trek to Tallahassee.

At lunch, we celebrated my sister’s birthday with some friends! She is the BIG 3-0, but she’ll always be my little sister. Also on Friday, I was grateful to have some time with my best bud Byron and some other guys in my ‘band of brothers’.

And finally, a huge highlight packed into the less than 48 hour visit was getting to see some of the kids who were a part of my children’s ministry back in the day… back in Birmingham. These ‘kids’ are now in college and high school. (Man Evie… we’re getting old!) It was a short visit, but a memorable one!

Today, after seven hours of driving through the rain… it’s good to be home! It’s good to be with my wife and kids! It’s good to be looking forward to church tomorrow!

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