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This video is hilariously funny… yet a little disturbing at the same time (I cringed during the last song!).

While this is humorous (and I don’t want to take away from the humor of this moment), I have a somber perspective. This video is certainly an exaggeration but speaks to the heart of a question that has rocked me for a few months now… “How cool do we have to be?” This is an issue one of the coolest pastors on the planet addressed in his blog a few months back.

Some church leaders, in a feeble attempt to be relevant, have forgotten how to be real. (Almost like the opposite extreme of legalism… which is fake holiness.) Too many churches have too many people trying too hard to be too cool. All I’m saying… we need more church leaders putting less emphasis on being cool, and more emphasis on being like Christ.

This still doesn’t change the fact that this video is soooo funny to watch!


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unleash091I attended the Unleash conference yesterday and NewSpring church. Wow! The love for God and people represented there was inspiring. It was great to see Perry Noble live and really see his heart for Jesus and the gospel message. He said a lot of things. Funny things. Controversial things. Inspiring things. Challenging things. Tony Morgan shared a lot of the things he said here and here. Pudge Hucakby also shared some here and here.

I also attended the Children’s Ministry (CM) and Student Ministry (SM) breakouts. The church’s facilities were outstanding. They just opened up the children and student ministry buildings in the past week!

In the CM track I enjoyed hearing about their core values. Pudge posted them here. Their team kept saying over and over, “We’re here to help kids meet Jesus on their level.” It was obvious the leadership team had clearly communicated this vision.

I enjoyed the simplicity of their recruitment plan: Ask. Equip. Encourage. They follow the model of Jesus found in Mark 4:19. I was also impressed with their use of technology. In both breakouts they briefly discussed their plans for using blogs, twitter, and text messaging. I look forward to getting more information on each of these.

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carnivalFamilies have a little bit of everything just like a Carnival, some fun, some weird, some challenging.  It is such an all encompassing part of our lives, we need God to help us understand how to live in a family or raise one. This is a series for everyone at every stage of life, and we promise it will change how you see yourself and your family forever. This is also a ONE IDEA series which means our adults, youth, and children will all be finding the family fun together! So invite someone or bring them with you to WEEK 1 of Carnival!

Sundays @ Tallahassee Little Theater @ 929 and 1101
Parking at Miracle Plaza
For directions click here

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Erwin McManus is one of my favorite authors, and I just started his most recent book, Wide Awake, over the weekend. It’s one of those books that has hit me in the right place at the right time. It’s all about dreaming with your eyes open and discovering the future that is waiting within you.

Erwin writes that sometimes the limitations we’re willing to accept establish the boundaries of our existence. He challenges us that our dreams, by their very nature, should stretch us.

If your dreams are supposed to be bigger than your life,

then your life will always be limited by the size of your dreams.

How BIG are YOUR dreams? What limitations are currently on YOUR life by your SMALL dreams?

If you could give your life to ONE THING, what would it be? And if you’re not currently pursuing that ONE THING I gotta’ ask… WHY NOT?

Go after it! Dream BIG and Trust GOD!! Life’s too short not to!

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Legacy (Part 3)

This weekend at GenesisChurch.tv we closed out the Legacy series. During this three week series I shared about three women from the lineage of Jesus who left an amazing legacy of love and grace even in the midst of unimaginable sin, terrible tragedy, and courageous obedience.

In this past Sunday’s message, we looked to the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. I’ve heard motherhood explained as a painful privilege. Mary certainly experienced the painful privilege of motherhood and probably on a level like no other mother has. Get this, she was the only person to be at Christ’s birth and death. Through her life, and other scriptures, we noted some simple things that we, as parents, can do with our kids to help leave a godly legacy in their lives.

Another cool thing about this past Sunday was that our elementary kids opened up the worship experiences by sining two songs! They did an AWESOME job! I could barely contain myself as I watched them from the back of the room! I was SO proud of you guys!

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This weekend at GenesisChurch.tv we will celebrate the amazing grace and tremendous faithfulness of God that we’ve experienced in our church’s brief 5 year history. HE has done SO much in such a short time! While I’ve only been here for part of it, it has certainly been an amazing ride. I’m looking forward to what comes next! And yes, we will be on the winning team during the annual kickball tournament! The GC.TV band better watch out! 🙂

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Tomorrow, the GenesisChurch.tv team will roll out the red carpet as we celebrate some of the greatest, most selfless people we know: our volunteer teams. Every week, between GenesisKIDS, Diverge Student Ministries, Worship, Media, First Impressions, Portable Church and more, it takes close to 200 loving, hard-working folks to help make things happen around here. In the midst of their hard work, acts of kindness, and exemplary service, the light of Jesus radiates through their lives. They truly are Shining Stars !

…you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life…

Philippians 2

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