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orange-horizon-peter-wilemanI’m all geeked up about going to Orange! It is one of the premier conferences for family ministry and just so happens to be in my back yard at Gwinnet Arena. There is already a buzz out there in twitterland and I know the tweets are going to blow up in the next few days.

What I’m looking forward to…

Connection: It will be awesome to connect with new, like-minded friends and making newer ones. I plan on being at this Tweet-up tomorrow night. Here I will connect face-to-face with this guy and this guy and many others. At Orange I also plan on reconnecting with this guy and this guy. Connection is good!

Team-building: We’ve got a great team from our church going (8 total). Orange will give me a chance to build on the relationships within our team and learn what drives their passion for family ministry.

Insight: With a plethora of workshops, I know we will come back with many new ideas and plans to implement at our church to make us more effective. Practical application will not be lacking!

Inspiration: The worship and general session speakers are going to be awesome! I’ve already posted that I’m a Phil Wickham fan here and here. I’m also a Francis Chan fan (evidenced here and here). I’m praying not only for our team, but that all family ministry leaders in attendance will be inspired to dream BIG!

Orange is in the Horizon… and I LIKE it! Hope to see you there!


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I just got back from the FOCUS Children’s Ministry Conference last night and man… it was a GREAT conference. Jim Wideman, Yancy, Jeff Smith, and Brian Hunter (my pastor) were our special guests. As a member of the leadership team, I had the privilege of hosting these folks and making sure they had what they needed.

Can I just say… all of these people are the real deal. Even with their extraordinary individual successes, they all had servant hearts and wanted to do whatever was needed to insure the conference was a win for everyone. Their talents blessed us all and they each did a superb job during our general sessions. Often, the words ‘creative’ and ‘difficult’ are synonymous when describing people, but not with these folks! It was a pleasure to have each of them.

Bro Jim, like me, recently transitioned in ministry and it was great to have a little one-on-one time with him. The man’s been in ministry for many years. But just ’cause you’ve been around for a while, and just because you’ve had some successes, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a person of character. Bro Jim’s been around for while, has had major successes, and beyond that he’s got deep, deep wisdom and integrity. It was a pleasure to hang with him for a bit. I’m grateful to have met him!

One of my favorite things of this weekend was watching Bro Jim as he watched his daughter, Yancy, lead worship. Yancy is an extremely talented musician, and she performs her music with excellence and creativity. I truly believe that God’s favor is with Yancy, and she certainly has a bright future! Evie and I had a blast with their family!

I love the FOCUS conference! One of my highest privileges in ministry has been to serve on the team that puts this thing together. I’ve developed life-long friendships through my work here and I know I’m the richer for it! I always leave feeling better than when I arrived, and I’m already looking forward to next year.

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