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Happy Birthday!

My little princess is 4 today. I asked her earlier, “Anna Brooke, how did you get so cute?”

“Cause tat’s how God made me!” was her reply.

Too cute for words!

Seriously though, I’m thankful that her heart is turned toward God at such an early age. She really is an amazing kid.

New aspects of her personality are showing up every day. She may be the singer of the family but she also may be the comedian (watch out Danielle).

Whatever she grows up to be it will be because of the wonderful giftings God has placed in her life. Along the way though, I plan on enjoying every step of the journey as her dad!

So Happy Birthday Princess Ballerina Barbie Fancy Nancy! (This is the name she’s given herself.) Hope you have a great one! I’m looking forward to dinner at IHOP!


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