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In the coming weeks our church will be participating with hundreds of other churches as we focus on the importance of prayer. We also have a blog that will serve as a place to share prayers and requests as we go through this journey together. During this same time, GenesisKIDS will be joining with thousands of kids across the nation as we focus on learning the practice of prayer. For those of you that know me, you know I get geeked about this kind of stuff. An interdenominational, cross-generational effort of fellow Christians joining together for a worthy cause. Sign me up!


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This week we’re starting a new series at GenesisKIDS. During the 3 week series entitled Time Warp Trio, we’ll discover how God is able to work in our past, present, and future. I look forward to this series as we study the life of Saul/Paul. Talk about a man with a past… he certainly had one. But God showed up one day (in his present), and his future was drastically altered forever! This series should be fun. We’ll also be using clips from the same titled TV show.

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Today was a great day at GenesisChurch.TV! It was the second week in our three week series Legacy.

  • The GC.TV band was ON! Jerad and the crew led us into an amazing time of worship.
  • Because I was speaking in ‘big church’ today, some of the folks in GenesisKIDS really needed to step up to make things happen. Marty, Samantha, and Darlene went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks guys!!
  • Finally, the set up team never ceases to amaze me. Jerry, Sylvia, Rick (and his boys Ben & Jason), and Evie (and our kids) showed up last night and knocked it out of the park. Then Jockery, Maggie, Curtis and Nate finished up this morning. You guys are stinking AWESOME!!

I’m so thankful Pastor Brian gave me the chance to share the messages during this series. As I prepared the talk this week, I was really overwhelmed by the story of Ruth. This woman was living a common, ordinary life that seemed like anything but royal. But through her faith, freedom, courage, and commitment, she left a godly legacy and we can do the same as sons and daughters of the KING!

One of the most interesting things about this story was the fact that Rahab is Boaz’s mom. Rahab, the Canaanite prostitute who offered the Israelite spies shelter, was the father of Ruth’s husband. And while the Bible doesn’t really say, I’m sure the townspeople weren’t throwing a parade to welcome Ruth, a foreign woman, into their community. Maybe, just maybe, because Boaz’s mom was an outsider, he was willing to be compassionate and loving towards Ruth. Without a doubt though, their marriage was part of God’s plan.

So many people have encouraged me during this message series, and I’m grateful for all the comments, phone calls, and emails I’ve received. But NO ONE has encouraged me more than ‘my Ruth’. Evie, I’m so glad I’ve got you! You’re truly leaving a legacy of love for our kids, family, and all who call you friend!

Hope everyone has a GREAT week! I’m looking forward to next Sunday. This will be the final message in the Legacy series as we make a quick study of the life of Mary. Kinda’ appropriate for Mother’s Day don’t cha think?

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Tomorrow, the GenesisChurch.tv team will roll out the red carpet as we celebrate some of the greatest, most selfless people we know: our volunteer teams. Every week, between GenesisKIDS, Diverge Student Ministries, Worship, Media, First Impressions, Portable Church and more, it takes close to 200 loving, hard-working folks to help make things happen around here. In the midst of their hard work, acts of kindness, and exemplary service, the light of Jesus radiates through their lives. They truly are Shining Stars !

…you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life…

Philippians 2

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Tired but Thankful!

At GenesisKIDS we had an AWESOME weekend! After all the hard work and long hours, I’m tired… but it’s a GOOD tired! I’m also very thankful. Thankful to all the folks who helped make this past weekend happen: Lynne, Georgia, Amber, Kelly, Bec, Sam, Ashley, Shaun, Darlene, Erik, Evie, Blake, Anna Brooke, Sylvette, Tiffany, Wendy, Mike, Matt, Yaacov, Jerry, Sylvia, Steve Y, Natalie, Nate, Jennifer, Jeana, Amy, Rachel, Paul, Micah, Cori, Steve M, Ty, Lou, Beth, Maria, Kristen, Abdiel, Dawn, Gavin, Marty, Walter, Caleb, and Samantha. Each one of you played a part in making this weekend come together. Thanks!

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StampedJust finished up our look for the GenesisKIDS 4 week series starting on Easter. While Pastor Brian and the adults will be discussing Inked (Tiffany did an amazing job with the graphics), our series will be entitled Stamped.

We’ll discuss how we all can be marked by the love of God. I look forward to sharing with the kids how Jesus can change their lives with His love, forgiveness, humility, and perseverance. Oh, and we’ll have a HUGE egg hunt Easter morning as well. It’s going to be SWEET!

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The BIG Challenge

We recently closed out a teaching series at GenesisKIDS entitled the BIG Challenge. In the series we talked about getting into spiritual shape. We covered issues with the kids that would help them focus on becoming all that God wanted them to be.

When we closed the series, I remember praying for the kids during that last service. I prayed for them to respond to God’s leading so they could do great things for God. But then, in a moment I will not soon forget, the Lord checked me and I changed my prayer. I prayed that the kids would first allow His Spirit to change them. Then I repented for the times I prayed for God to do great things through me instead of in me. I asked for forgiveness for the times I wanted to change the world, but I neglected to allow His Spirit to change my heart.

It seems kids today are more socially aware then my generation. They are more concerned about issues affecting the world then my friends were in the 80’s, and that is without a doubt a good thing! However, in order to affect real, eternal change, it will take kids (and adults) whose concerns go beyond the social injustices of today. God needs people whose principle concern is how they respond to God’s leading their personal lives with that still, small voice. To put it more succinctly, the BIG challenge for us today is to focus on what God wants us to be, before we obsess over what He wants us to do.

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