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A few years ago I scoffed at social networking. I just couldn’t see any good reason for them. However, in recent months I have seen very real benefits, personally and professionally, from tools like facebook, twitter and cmconnect. Heck, I’ve turned from a non-believer to having over 800 friends on facebook. I’m not sure how that happened, and I sure hope all of my facebook friends don’t show up at my house at the same time! 🙂

Anywhoo, while there are some good reasons for being on social networks, there are some annoying things about it as well. This guy nailed some of the things about facebook that in my opinion serve no purpose.

And just so you know, I never did a 25 things about me!

Thanks Matt for posting this!


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This is just for fun… and I had A LOT of fun watching it! Hope you do. Thanks Micah for posting it!

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The Wifesong


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My Kids are Punny!

On of my favorite things to hear Anna Brooke say, while she laughs, is, “That’s PUNNY Daddy!” Well, this week is Blake’s Spring Break and they both are in Birmingham for a few days. Not sure if I’m just missing them, or answering my sister’s request, but here are some photos of them doing one of their favorite things… Photo Booth!


magic fingers


crazy faces!


Funny Girl!

BROWN BEAR (our other kid… and yes he is a twin)

Brown Bear… our other kid

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Evil Eye

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