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Blake & Anna Brooke (2)Earlier this week, Blake and I went to Fun Station: a video game haven for young kids similar to Chuck E. Cheese. Our objective for the night, besides male bonding, was to get as many tickets as possible from the carnival type games. So we didn’t waste our precious time or tokens on those regular video games that give you nothing in return.

Well by the end of the night (which means when we ran out of tokens), our tickets totaled out at a whopping 381! A pretty good showing for us. So we proceeded over to the prize area to pick up our bounty of cheap toys.

After a few minutes of looking over all the prizes, and with no prompting from me, Blake said, “I know what I want to get first!” He walked to these plastic princess tiaras and said, “I’m gonna get one of these for Anna Brooke!”

I said, “Wow buddy! That’s a great idea, and this would be an awesome big brother gift.” But knowing the price I said, “Do you realize this will cost 200 of your tickets? If you get that for Anna Brooke, it will leave you with only 181?” This realization caused him to hesitate.

The young lady assisting us realized Blake’s dilemma and jumped in. “I’ll tell you something, if you get this tiara for your little sister,” she said, “I’ll give you a total of 400 tickets, so you’ll still have 200 leftover.”

Blake’s hesitation immediately cleared and he was all in. He picked up the tiara and we thanked the young lady for the extra tickets. She then helped Blake pick out a ‘flashing-light mouthpiece thing’ for 200 tickets. Which he loves!

With our male bonding adventure coming to a close, Blake and I headed to the parking lot. He was a blissfully happy boy and I was an immensely proud dad!


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